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Open 6 Days A Week - MONDAY Holiday

Tuesday to Friday
Lunch - 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner - 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday
Lunch - 12 Noon to 3:00 PM
Dinner - 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

79E Germantown Pike
Norristown PA - 19401
484 681 5426

7233 Marshall Rd
Upper Darby PA - 19082
610 622 2220

Call Us @ (610) 251-9959
Fax: (610) 251-9555

Email: info@bawarchiindiancuisine.com


  Welcome to Bawarchi Indian Cuisine Restaurant  
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Vegetarian Appetizers

1. Bawarchi Mirchi green chilli dipped in flour and stuffed with sesame paste.      5.95
2. Paneer Tikka chunks of paneer, tomato, capsicum and onion marinated overnight and cooked and a skewer in tandoor.      4.95
3. Vegetable Pakora fresh assorted vegetables dipped in spiced baked and deeply fried.      4.95
4. Somasa Choley cumin flavored potatoes and peas in a baked pastry served with special chick peas      4.95
5. Paneer Pakora sliced indian cottage cheese dipped in these and trimmed with butter and served with fresh chutney      4.95
6. Aloo Tikki grilled cutlet of mashed potatoes and cashews mixed with indian spices.      4.95

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

1. Chicken 65* boneless chicken pieces marinated in indian spices, yogurt, frittered in butter. a hyderabad specialty      10.95
2. Pepper Chicken* boneless pieces of chicken cooked with yogurt, ginger, garlic, and fresh ground black pepper.      10.95
3. Golden Fried Shrimp fresh water shrimp deeply fried in spicy sauce.      10.95
4. Chicken Malabar butter fried coconut flavored filet chicken served with mango      7.95
* Spicy

Soups $3.95

1. Mulligatawny Soup soup made with lentils and sabily flavored with delicate herbs.      
2. Tomato Soup soup made from fresh tomatoes      
3. Sweet Corn Soup creamed corn soup with fresh vegetables or chicken      


1. Bawarchi Chicken Salad tender morsels of grilled chicken over mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers served with special house dressing.      5.95
2. Mixed Green Salad slices of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and chili with lemon dressing.      3.95

Bread Specialties

1. Naan       2.95
2. Garlic Naan bread topped with freshly chopped garlic.      2.95
3. Onion Kulcha finely chopped onions mixed with fresh baked dough in the clay oven.      2.95
4. Bawarchi Naan naan bread topped with garlic, onions, green chillies, and exotic spices.      2.95
5. Keema Naan naan bread filled with spiced ground lamb and baked in the tandoor.      2.95
6. Paneer Naan naan bread stuffed with chopped home-made cheese      2.95
7. Aloo Paratha finely chopped potatoes, mixed with fresh baked dough in a clay oven.      2.95
8. Roti a thick single layered bread of wheat.      2.95
9. Poori a layered puffed wheat bread.      2.95
10. Bread Basket plain paratha, garlic naan, onion kulcha, kashmir naan      10.95

Dosa Specialties

1. Masala Dosa crepe stuffed with vegetables cooked in south indian spices. served with sambhar and chutney.      6.50
2. Plain Dosa a delicious crisp crepe made of rice and lentil flour served with sambar and chutney      5.50
3. Onion Masala Dosa crepe stuffed with onions vegetables cooked in south indian spices. served with sambhar and chutney.      6.95
4. Uttappam a thick pancake topped with diced tomatoes, onions, and green chilis peppers with sambhar and chutney.      6.95
5. Mysore Masala Dosa crepe lined with spicy chutney stuffed with vegetables cooked in south indian spices. served with sambhar and chutney.      6.95

Vegetarian Specialties $9.95

1. Malal Kofta home made cottage cheese pyramid simmered with creamy onion sauce.      
2. Shahi Paneer home-made cottage cheese cubes served in a spiced cream sauce.      
3. Daal Makhani black lentils and kidney beans seasoned with herbs and cooked on a slow fire.      
4. Daal Tadka yellow lentils simmered with tomatoes, ginger, cumin, onions, and fresh garlic.      
5. Aloo Choley chickpeas and sliced potatoes cooked in a traditional punjabi style.      
6. Palak Paneer finely cut garden fresh spinach cooked with home-made cheese, & fresh herbs.      
7. Kadai Bhindi fresh crispy okra tossed with onions and spices with coriander.      
8. Baingan Bhartha eggplant grilled oven charcoal, mashed and cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and spices, a bawarchi specialty      
9. Vegetable Jalfrexi stir fried fresh vegetable cooked with mild spices      
10. Paneer Butter Masala cubes of home made indian cottage cooked in a tomato based gravy finished with butter and topped with cream.      
11. Mutter Paneer cottage cheese cubes cooked with peas in tomato, cream based sauce.      
12. Aloo Gobi fresh cut cauliflower and baby potatoes cooked in indian herbs      
13. Chana Masala chickpeas cooked with chopped ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes and herbs      
14. Navratan Korma mixed vegetables and cashew cooked mildly in cream based sauce      

Chicken Specialties

1. Chicken Tikka Masala tender, boneless pieces of chicken cooked in hot and spicy tomato based sauce flavored with indian herbs and spices      13.95
2. Chicken Makhani chicken roasted in a clay oven & cooked in a mild onion and tomato sauce.      13.95
3. Chicken Kadai boneless pieces of chicken chunks cooked in special combination of indian herbs, sauteed with fresh garlic, ginger and tomatoes.      13.95
4. Chicken Sagwala juicy boneless pieces of chicken cooked in fresh garden spinach.      13.95
5. Chicken Chettinado chicken cooked with peppers & indian spices in a coconut and fennel based curry.      13.95
6. Chicken Jalfrezi strips of chicken marinated in fresh ground spices and cooked with tomatoes & onions.      13.95
7. Chicken Korma chicken cooked with cashews and onion based creamy sauce.      13.95
8. Andhra Roast Chicken (Chef's Special)* pieces of chicken gently cooked in special indian spices and pickle.      14.95
9. Chicken Golconda (Bawarchi Special)* chicken cooked on a slow fire in special hyderabadi spices.      14.95
10. Aachari Chicken* pieces of chicken gently cooked in indian special spices with pickle and curry sauce.      13.95
11. Chicken Vindaloo* a delicious combination of chicken, potatoes cooked in a hot peppers and vinegar      13.95
* Spicy

Lamb And Goat Specialties

1. Lamb Rogan Josh boneless juicy pieces of lamb cooked in traditional kashmiri masala.      15.95
2. Lamb Kadai tender lamb pieces cooked with tomatoes, green peppers, onions & spices.      15.95
3. Lamb Chops Masala tender lamb chops marinated with ginger, herbs and spices, cooked in onion and tomato sauce      17.95
4. Lamb Kurma lamb cooked with cashews and onion based sauce.      15.95
5. Aachari Lamb* tender pieces of lamb cooked on a slow fire with a delightful combination of pickled spices.      15.95
6. Saag Lamb finely chopped garden fresh spinach cooked with tender lamb pieces.      15.95
7. Lamb Vindaloo finely cut lamb marinated in vinegar and indian spices, cooked goa style.      15.95
8. Goat Curry* finely cut tender pieces of goat cooked in indian spices.      15.95
9. Gongura Mamsam finely cut tender pieces of goat with gongura leaves and tempered with red chiles      15.95
* Spicy

Seafood Specialties $21.95

1. Jumbo Shrimp Karahi fresh large shrimp cooked in traditional style with fresh tomatoes, ginger & spices.      
2. Shrimp Vindaloo* fresh water shrimp marinated with indian spices cooked on low heat garnished with onions.      
3. Salmon Fish Bhuna cooked in specially prepared herbs and spices with the touch of garlic and ginger      
4. Hyderabad Fried Fish* fresh over water fish marinated in lemon juice, flavored with indian herbs deeply fried and garnished with garlic and ginger      
5. Fish Curry tender filled of salmon cooked in tarmind gravy      
6. Shrimp Sagwala shrimp cooked with fresh spinach, spices and ginger      
* Spicy

Tandoori Specialties

1. Tandoori Chicken chicken delicately marinated in yogurt and indian spices, cooked in the tandoor.      10.95
2. Chicken Tikka boneless juicy chunks of chicken marinated in indian herbs and barbecued in a clay oven.      13.95
3. Kalmi Kabab chicken wings marinated in ginger garlic, indian spices cooked in a clay oven.      12.95
4. Rashmi Kabab minced chicken tempered with onions, ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and grilled.      12.95
5. Lamb Seekh Kabab a delicious combination of minced lamb tempered with onions, ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and grilled.      14.95
6. Lamb Chops lamb chops marinated with ginger, royal cumin and aromatic spices, then grilled oven charcoal in a slay oven      16.95
7. Boti Kabab chunks of lamb marinated in herbs spices then barbecued.      14.95
8. Bawarchi Platter an assortment of reshmi kabab, chicken tikka, and malai kabab.      10.95
9. Shrimp Malai Kabab shrimp marinated in garlic, ginger, and grilled in a clay oven.      18.95
10. Salmon Tandoori Tikka salmon fish marinated in a exotic spices and herbs barbecued in a clay oven.      15.95
11. Tandoori Shrimp jumbo shrimps marinated in yogurt and blended with oriental spices & grilled.      15.95
12. Tandoori Mixed Grill an assortment of chicken, lamb, and seafood.      19.95

Rice Specialties

1. Chicken Biryani long grain basmati rice delicately cooked on dum with chicken, yogurt & saffron.      13.95
2. Lamb Biryani long grains basmati rice cooked with juicy pieces of lamb in a blend of exotic spices.      14.95
3. Goat Biryani long grain basmati rice cooked with juicy pieces of goat in a blend of exotic spices.      15.95
4. Shrimp Biryani long grain basmati rice cooked with shrimps in a blend of exotic spices.      16.95
5. Vegetable Biryani long grain basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables in a blend of spices.      10.95

Indian Style Chinese Specialties

1. Cauliflower Manchurian dry cauliflower fritters with cora flour, cooked in spicy manchurian      6.95
2. Chilly Chicken boneless chicken sauteed with onions, green peppers and spices      10.95
3. Chicken Manchurian tender chicken marinated in soya sauce and flavor marinated and simmered in our special manchurian sauces      11.95
4. Choice Of Chicken (Garlic Or Ginger) diced chicken stir fried and cooked in hot ginger or garlic sauce      12.95
5. Chicken Fried Rice a traditional spicy fried rice with chicken and a ginger of garlic flavor      12.95
6. Vegetable Fried Rice rice sauteed with diced vegetables soy sauce and spices      12.95

Accompaniments $1.95

1. Raita fresh yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber, onion and fresh mint.      
2. Achaar indian mixed pickle.      

Desserts $4.95

1. Gajar Halwa served hot.      
2. Kheer authentic sweet homemade rice pudding.      
3. Gulab Jamun cottage dried milk flour balls fried and cooked in honey syrup. served hot.      
4. Rasmalai soft cottage cheese, poached in a condensed milk sauce.      
5. Bawarchi Ice Cream traditional flavored ice cream (mango, pista, tuti fruti)      


1. Mango Lassi combination of mango with yogurt.      3.50
2. Mango Milk Shake combination of mango and milk, served chilled.      3.50
3. All Soda coke, diet coke, sprite.      1.50
4. Ice Tea tea served with lemon and honey. served chilled.      1.50
5. Juices choice of mango, pineapple and orange.      2.00
6. Sweet And Salt Lassi chilled indian yogurt served sweet and salty      3.50
7. Bawarchi Special Tea hot tea      1.50

Lunch Buffet

Weekday       10.99
kid's (under 8)      4.95
Weekend Special       12.99
kid's (under 8)      5.95
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